About Lavo Parcel

India's very first portal which enables you to have quick parcel deliveries while you add extra money to your pocket. The term Lavo Parcel has derived from Gujarati language of India which means 'to bring the parcel'.

The developers of Lavo Parcel provides communication opportunity through registering people to the Lavoparcel.com & Lavo Parcel Application on which it offers its services. Now it dose not matter what needs to be delivered nor dose distance will be obstacle. Lavoparcel is mechanised in a manner that open window of new market for the goods transportation services.

Why Lavo Parcel?

Courier companies has their own infrastructural limits while providing services. Lavo parcel enables you to overcome those shortcomings and helps you avail the service at just tip of your fingers using on its digital platforms like Website & Application. An authentic, quick and affordable solution which benefits interest of all parties that participate. Lavo parcel at the same time gives an opportunity to its registered members to make money and earn, by making use of their quality time converting into valuable capital. Lave parcel thus provide a volume of assure business through active participation.

Lavo Parcel Members


Eradicate the Hassle and stressful method to send your parcel with the tantrums and irrelevant bills of traditional Shipping and transportation agencies.

Why send with Lavo parcel


Lavo parcel enables you to check over the number of Lavo Parcel registered members that are or would be available in your confined location radius. It send an instant alert notification once the sender updates its requirement/requirements . The sender is connected to a verified driver, where mutually agreed payment is decided. Once the deal between the sender and driver is get confirmed with their mutual understanding. The sender can use Lavo Parcel GPS to trace the location of parcel transport. Once the driver completes its task, the Sender can share service ratings and feedback about the Driver.

Saves Time on Errands

Forget Something at the last minute or in rush ?

Don't waste your time in running back to collect it. Simply Notify on the Lavo Parcel through your mobile and the registered Driver can deliver you the respective.

That's what Lavo Parcel are here for !

Get it Faster & at your door step

Lavo Parcel enables you to connect with the driver that is within your location radius. Within no time you can assign the task and get it completed in an minimum estimated duration. It is faster then the unlike Courier and transport service provider which you have to manually locate and handover the belongings. In such transport service transport in within the city and allied state is estimated to be around 4 to 5 working days. In such conditions Lavo Parcel is the ultimate solution to your problem.

For example : A man from Ahmedabad city traveling to another city of Baroda which is approx 120kms distance from each other for a clients presentation. Suddenly on his half way he realise that he has forgotten his important statistic presentation file at his home. Now in such situations either he has to cancel presentation due to absence of data or he has to travel all the way back to collect it and thus be late to the presentation. In such situation best solution is him to get register with Lavo Parcel through the application or website, notify and trace the driver and within no time get his files at his presentation venue. This would keep him focus on his work.


When we use the traditional way of transporting our parcel through the Courier agencies which has their payments according to the weight of the goods or distance where the parcel needs to be delivered, in such scenario there is indifference in the price if the size differs to the weight. Lavo parcel connects two parties with equal interest and benefits who mutually makes an agreed decision over the amount of the service. It acts is completed with the understanding and willingness of both (Sender as well as Driver).

No Hidden Expense

Lavo Parcel works on the ethics of transparency and authenticity in their service/services. Hence we do not have any Hidden fees, extra packaging charges, etc.


Who dose not like if their journey becomes cost free !

Or those same old trips

are now source of your extra income.

Lavo Parcel gives easy, flexible way to earn money while driving.

Now while you travel in city connective bus for your business you can fulfil your dream of buying your own four wheel vehicle.

For example : (A small scale business man travels frequently from Surat to Ahmedabad and Rajkot in the city connective bus. Its surprising that now his journey will not only can be cost free instead he can earn for his own car only by providing active participation in Lavo Parcel digital portals. He has to be remember of Lavo Parcel where he can find the various notification of deliveries required to be done. He can thus choose to deliver the parcel with his convenience and mutually agree with the Sender on the payments. This amount would be his extra income.)

Benefits for been Driver of Lavo Parcel

In today's time people try to be cost efficient in their travel and commute from one place to another. After the hiking prices of petrol and diesel people have started the concept of pull cars or car sharing with similar route travellers, but would you not be more excited if the same drive alone or with people helps you earn rather than what cost you spend just by doing few deliveries of Lavo Parcel.

Free Time, Extra Earn

Those students who have free time in between of their two semester can be an act as Driver participant in Lavo Parcel and can earn Extra over their budgeted pocket money.

Make More Money Per Trip

All individual or commercial drivers, courier transporters, delivery boys, taxis, etc now your ride can double you profits. Lave Parcel enables you to locate deliveries that are to me made between the destination that you are already going to make trip. Thus the amount earn is worth as profit earnings.

Helps Startup's

Do you own a truck and are searching for deliveries or do you have your commercial vehicles and no trips. Join Lavo Parcel and get your work started. Pick up your parcels so you can start earning.


Drivers has feasibility to choose deliveries that fits to the schedule. They can Choose one or more number of items they want to deliver and how often. Driver sees what he will be paid of each delivery while choosing the pickup and delivery location.


Lavo Parcel one of its kind portal that acts as a communicator for communication among its registered members. Here everybody is connected whether they belong to different genders, strata or locations. The platform aims to have members that are willing to have Economic earning in assignments which are individualistic in nature. Both the Sender and the Driver will have the required data shared with the Lavo Parcel. Lave Parcel works with the verified documents to its members. The payments between both the parties Sender as well as the Driver will be their personal mutual understanding. There will be no hidden payments that Lavo Parcel claims neither we have any packing charges. Lavo Parcel also provides reward points to its active participants.